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Modeling is an exciting career that allows you to travel and see the world. However, it is not for everyone. Nor can everyone be a model. There are lots of beautiful people in the world but a pretty face does not a model make. Though industry standards have broadened in recent years, there are still basic requirements needed to be considered as a model. 


There is no fee for submitting yourself for consideration. Model scout's are compensated BY the agencies, not the model. If anyone ever tells you they can make you a model and then asks for money, RUN!


During my 30 years in fashion I have discovered and introduced many newcomers to the industry. Many have gone on to have long successful careers and are still working today. I have developed long-standing relationships with top agencies around the world. First, working as as a model, and then as a photographer working with clients, casting agencies and booking models for editorials and campaigns. 


Many world-famous models have come from right here in our very own backyard. Superstars Amber Valletta, Bridget Hall, Karlie Kloss and Lindsey Wixson all came from the midwest. This area is untapped and I'm sure there are many future top models just waiting to be discovered.   


Models come in all shapes and sizes, however, girls must be a minimum of five foot nine inches tall and for guys it is six feet. All ethnicities, shapes and sizes are welcome in today's expanding market, but reaching the height requirement is non-negotiable. 

I do not work with child agencies so the ideal candidate would be close to eighteen and have already done all of their growing. However, potential for modeling can be identified as early as sixteen years of age.


If you or someone you know fit the above description and have an interest in modeling, send a photo of yourself to 

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